Monday, August 24, 2015

No… My real name is not CiCi Elle

So CiCi Elle was created from CCL, get it? I thought it was pretty creative! 

I'm known as the crazy cat lady because I started working at a vet clinic when I was 21, and over a four-year time span had acquired three handicapped cats.

My first cat I adopted at four weeks old, her mother was trapped in a car by accident and died of heat exhaustion when the kittens were only a week old. She was then found with the rest of her liter when they were about two weeks and a wonderful lady was trying to care for them. Their rescuer allows them to go outside on the patio to explore. One day one of the kittens was making their way out to the patio and was in the slider door when the homeowner closed it. The kitten survived but was never the same. We’re not exactly sure what damage this caused, all I can say that she’s bipolar… but by far one of the most beautiful angora cats I have ever seen. She is now about four years old.

My second cat I adopted at about five weeks old. A woman had found a litter of kittens in her backyard abandoned. Two of them had deformed legs, a female with two back deformed leg and a male with one back deformed leg. Unfortunately we could not save the female, but the male we were able to amputate his one deformed leg. Their rescuer had enough on her plate with the rest of the litter and could not provide the right amount of care for the kitten that was now a tripod at five weeks old. So she signed him over and I took him home. Thankfully, he grew up without any issues related to being a tripod. I think he is even faster than my other cats with all four legs. He is now three years old.

My third cat I had out at about five weeks old as well. I won’t go into detail about his story yet, I’ll save that for a new blog post. I will say that he was never supposed to survive but he is now two and half year’s old and loving life.

Why I am known as a crazy coupon lady is also another story that I’ll save for a different blog post.
What do I do? I’m a 26 year old female that has her associate’s degree and can’t afford to continue to go to college anymore due to the high cost of college tuition. Granted, it took me four years to get my two-year degree but now I’m $30,000 in debt. I was always told I was in the wrong career field since I was always very computer savvy. I have such a huge passion for animals so I always assumed that’s where I belonged… some kind of animal field. However, I realized that unless I became a veterinarian I was never going to be financially successful and independent…


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