Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fenugreek Testosterone

What is fenugreek testosterone? Fenugreek means “rams horn clover.” Rams horn clover is actually a white herbaceous plant of the pea family. The aromatic seeds are used for flavoring in many cultures. It can be used for many conditions like, inflammation, high blood pressure, vitamin deficiency, constipation, kidney support, chapped lips, lowering blood sugar in people with diabetes, and even baldness. The fenugreek seeds contain a chemical compound that is known to stimulate male sex hormones. This stimulation will even raise testosterone production. When I realized I had Low T figured I should do something about it sooner than later. I did some research and found a few different supplements, but only one stood out. I wanted my testosterone supplement to not only increase my testosterone levels, but also give me an increase in energy as well as strengthen my muscle mass to give me more lean muscle. The only supplement that checked off all my boxes was TestoGen.

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