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Flying is a Passion that can't be bought

For those who love aviation, flying is a passion and a life pursuit. It can also be completely baffling and amazing. Here are thirteen random facts about flight and flying that are guaranteed to make you think differently about your next trip in the sky.

Fun Facts about 747s: You could probably fill a small book with interesting facts about the Boeing 747. The wingspan of the 747 is longer than the distance of the Wright Brothers' first flight.

Food Tastes Different Under Pressure: Under cabin pressure conditions, that is. German airline Lufthansa noticed that people seemed to order a lot of tomato juice in-flight, while they normally wouldn't drink it on the ground. So they commissioned a study to look into whether food tasted different in-flight.

He'll Have the Chicken: Continuing along the planes-and-food theme is the fact that on commercial airliner flights, the pilot and co-pilot never eat the same meal. This is for the safety of the craft: if the pilot is laid low by food poisoning from the pasta, the co-pilot should still be well enough to continue the flight.

We'll Take Two Planes: It's probably not surprising to learn that the President and Vice President of the United States never fly together--nor do they fly withthe Speaker of the House of Representatives. As the first, second, and third in the chain of succession, a craft carrying any two of these passengers could lead to serious disruption to the U.S. government if it crashed. 

Flying Dry: According to one estimate, you can lose about two cups of water from your body for every hour you spend flying--most of it breathed out through the mouth.
While estimates of water loss during flight vary, it's well-known that flying causes dehydration in passengers, which can lead to deep-vein thrombosis (a/k/a blood clots) on long-haul flights. Drink water before, during, and after a long flight.

Plane Life Isn't Measured in Years: Airliners' lifespans aren't determined by years. Instead, they're determined by the number of pressurizations the plane undergoes.
Every time a plane is pressurized during flight, it causes stress on the plane's fuselage. Over time, this stress causes irreparable metal fatigue and cracks. An approximate rule of thumb is 75,000 pressurizations per aircraft. In human terms, this works out to about 20-25 years for most planes.


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4 Exercises to Lose Your Gut and Boost Your Butt

Protruding stomachs and saggy tushes will be a thing of the past, thanks to this power workout.

Pin It: The Jillian Michaels Circuit Workout

It's not much of a stretch to say that nobody knows how to build power, speed, strength, and flexibility better than Jillian Michaels. This comprehensive workout, which she created for Health, trains the muscles in a way that will bust through even the most persistent plateau. Do it four times a week, paired with 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training, and watch your body be transformed.

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Where to Watch the Road World Championships in Richmond

11 perfect spots to watch the UCI Road World Championships in Richmond.

Hand Sanitizers Poisoning More Kids

Title: Hand Sanitizers Poisoning More Kids
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History of Woody Station Wagon Radios

In their day, wooden bodied station wagons were work horses. Considered unattractive and strictly utilitarian, they were produced in low numbers. Then after a half century of production, they were gone, discontinued, largely because they were so difficult to manufacture and maintain. Yet today, they can sell for more than a house and are considered classic beauties.
Sometime in the late 19th century, a forgotten mechanic fastened a primitive engine to a horse drawn wagon creating the first horseless wagon. The details have been lost to history but from that humble beginning, a style of automobile was born, one that still exercises influence upon us over 100 years later.
Just into the 20th century, furniture makers began making "woodies" as a sideline to their businesses. They would purchase an automobile without a body, and build a body from wood. These custom vehicles were often set up like small buses and were commonly used by resorts to transport guest to and from railroad depots. They weren't called woodies back then. Rather, they were known as "depot hacks". In the horse-drawn days, a "hack" was a wagon.
Some woodies went upscale and became favorites of the wealthy. Sometimes referred to as estate cars, they would gain popularity with "county gentlemen" who owned large rural estates.
Eventually auto manufacturers began producing their own versions. Ford introduced the first production woodie in 1929. Throughout the 30's most other manufacturers joined in, usually with very limited success, Some lesser known car makers only produced a prototype or two. The largest car compamy at the time, Chevrolet, waited until 1939 before they introduced their first woodie.
By then the vehicles had become known as "station wagons", a variation of the earlier name "depot hack", but was still a reference to train stations.
Woodies were never a profitable item for car makers. They were extremely labor intensive to produce; literally hand assembled. Ford bought a track of forest known as Iron Mountain in Michigan as a source for lumber, other makers simply purchased the lumber, or more often, had outside vendors manufacture the wood bodies.
Woodies were considered commercial vehicles; part of the truck line. They were advertised with pickups, delivery vehicles and other commercial workhorses. While families might occasionally end up owning station wagons, you'd be more likely to see the local handyman driving one. Despite the obvious advantage for transporting kids, use of station wagons for family transportation was still years away.
With the passenger compartment being made completely of wood (including the roof which was covered with a waterproofed fabric), there were plenty of drawbacks. The cars tended to squeak as the wood joints aged and the wood needed constant refinishing much like a piece of furniture left outside. Despite constant care and attention, the wood was prone to moisture damage, discoloration and rot. And while no one ever performed any safety studies on woodies, it is easy to assume in a serious crash, the passenger compartment would splinter and break apart.

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Removing Dups from Audio Players

iTunes has always been and will always be the number one software used by many when it comes to playing digital music on both computers and portable music players. With iTunes' features and benefits, it's not a surprise why a lot of people trust this brand. And because of its immense popularity, it is also not a surprise if new types of software come out of the market that will make iTunes far more effective and functional for music enthusiasts.
iTunes allows users to download songs and distribute them to all their music gadgets, whether it is for their iPods, iPhone, iPad, MP3, MP4 and all other digital music player. In fact it is so flexible that both Windows and Macintosh operating system can be used with this program.
Another great thing about iTunes is that it allows you to sync all of your digital gadgets with your computer so that all songs and videos that are stored in your iTunes will be automatically distributed. Manual distribution is no longer a problem. In fact very few people do this today.
The reason why many people like using iTunes is because it helps them save money from buying separate CDs of their favorite artists. They can just download their favorite songs online through iTunes store or other downloading sites. iTunes has so much benefits but there is one thing that it cannot do and that is to automatically remove duplicates in iTunes.
In almost all cases, iTunes users download songs three to four times without noticing it, especially if they use free downloading sites. And because of this, a lot of storage space is taken up unnecessarily. This is because aside from being able to store thousands of songs in iTunes, you would have to manually create a folder where you want these songs stored.
This is why in almost all cases people do not notice that they already have existing songs stored in some of their folders, when they make another download. And since the iTunes can sync to all your other music gadgets, duplicate copies of songs are also copied to all these gadgets. This limits your memory space, preventing you to download and store more files.
It is a good thing that there are available software that allows you to automatically Remove duplicates from iTunes. Aside from deleting the same songs automatically, it will also prevent you from downloading the same songs, so you don't have to manually keep track of your folder, because the software will do all these for you. Aside from this there are also software that doesn't just remove duplicates but it also automatically place them on folders according to their genres.
So songs are already organized once it enters your iTunes. And for songs without titles and name of the singer, the software has the ability to identify the songs and match it with the titles of the songs it finds online base on the melody. This uses advance matching software that identifies the songs and labels them correctly. If you have thousands of songs stored in your digital music gadgets, simply download one of these types of software, and enjoy an organized and duplicate free iTunes.

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Adopting Terrapins as a Pet

Are you planning to buy terrapins as your pet? Think twice, and don't act whimsically, because looking after terrapins is not a cake walk! But in case you are determined to have these small and cute creatures, then some research work is very much needed.
A good knowledge about terrapin habit and habitat, their uniqueness, feeding pattern, mating ritual, hibernating etc. can help you to offer them a healthy life. It would not be wrong to mention here that terrapins are cold blooded reptiles and survive long in captivity (about 30 years), provided you take loving care.
Where to buy:
* A good pet store in the locality is a good option as their expert can demonstrate live how to handle your terrapin as well as can give you valuable tips.
* You can buy online too. Browse through the websites and select the best. But discuss with them so that collection can be done safely and conveniently. Make sure that you are not being cheated with any sick terrapin.
* Breeders know the best; Purchasing from them is another safe alternative to get healthy hatchlings. Ask him for some useful tips.
* Ask a good veterinarian for some guidelines.
Pick the right species:
Both hardy (European) and half-hardy (North-American) species can be chosen. Commonly kept terrapins are Red-eared sliders, Yellow-bellied Terrapin, Map terrapin, etc. You may look for the semi-aquatic breeds too.
Points to ponder: 
  • The coin sized hatchling grows fast, so plan the size of your terrapinarium accordingly (3' x 1' x 1' for two baby terrapins). Water level should be moderate.
  •  Water temperature needs to be maintained between 240 to 260ÂșC with the help of a thermostatic heater.
  •  You would need an water filter, a siphon, and a net to keep the water clean.
  •  A fluorescent lamp has to be fitted which can emit UV-A and UV-B light.
  •  Construct an elevated basking area with white spot lamp, inside the tank.
  •  Keep some small logs and pebbles inside the aquarium.
  •  Their food should be a balanced combination of 50% fresh vegetables, 25% meat and 25% of commercial supplements
  •  They should be heavy, healthy looking with clean and freely opening and closing mouth, bright eyes with no discharge, active with easily moving head and limbs. Avoid one with any crack or wound on the skin and the shell. 
Good luck and be a proud owner…!

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Is Yodeling Considered Music Today

Everyone in the world, con or sin good singing voice, have some inclinations to music. You can sing or you cannot. But even if you cannot render a vocal solo or even a duet, you surely can listen and hear good music. You can appreciate melody and you can sing silently in your heart. Now, there are many genre of music and is yodeling one of your likes?
Basically, a yodel is a kind of singing of an extended note. This is done repeatedly and rapidly with distinctive changes in the pitch. Some who want a more melodious music consider yodeling as a noise, mere yelling. However, in some period of time, this yodel had become a part of Texan music. Several singers who hailed from Texas incorporated this yelling musical rendition into their distinct singing styles.
As this singing style requires extended repeating changing notes, anyone who does this should make his sound come from his chest voice going to his head voice. This high low high low melody of the voice had become famous in various states, not only in Texas where it was previously loved, but also all over the globe.
The high low high low shift in pitch had been popular in Texas. A more familiar kind of yodeling had been attributed to Swiss folk music, suspiciously developed in the Swiss or Austrian Alps. In the beginning, such sound was only a method of communication between mountain peaks but later it developed to become an integral part of the traditional Swiss or Austrian singing.
Another yodel technique comes from Persia. This was integrated in the Persian and Azeri music. The singing technique makes use of tahir which is oscillating to the neighboring tones. Krimanchuli is the name of yodeling musical technique in the Georgian traditional musicale. And in Central Africa, the yodels are inserted by the Pygmies in their conventional polyphonic way of singing. And in American music, this technique is a part of the bluegrass or country music.
If anyone is interested to adapt this kind of voice singing, he has to learn how to make use of his distinct vocal registers. These are the head and the chest voices. The range of lower pitch will come from the chest voices while the range of high pitches will emanate from the head chest. With this singing style, you should learn how to control your voice, overlap the ranges and easily go switching from high to low or vice versa. Yodeling will involve the up and down or see-saw motion of the voice.
Yodeling to some ears is nothing but yelling. However, this sound had been introduced as a technique in many different countries. They are called with different names. Nevertheless, this consistent shift of up and down voice pitch had developed into a music many aficionados to country singing had loved.

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Early Treatment With Flu Antivirals May Shorten Seniors' Hospital Stay

Title: Early Treatment With Flu Antivirals May Shorten Seniors' Hospital Stay
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Croton Watches for Collectors

The story of the Croton Watch Company begins in Southern Italy in 1878. The ancient town for which the company was named was known for producing Olympic champions of unrivaled spirit and strength. Hundreds of years later, an ambitious young businessman used its name in his new enterprise.
Italy was not known for its watches. Art, architecture, fashion, and food is what they did best. It was Switzerland, and specifically its city of Geneva, that was viewed as the world capital of horology. There was just one problem, it was too crowded! By the end of the 19th century, timepieces where the country's number one export and competition had never been fiercer.
As a result, many experienced watchmakers decided to relocate and ply their trade in a less cluttered environment. Most moved to small cities and towns in the Jura Mountains in Switzerland and France, others moved farther south, into Italy.
The Croton Watch Company hired a small group of Swiss masters and began producing high-quality timepieces in Italy. Since there was less competition and they made a superior product, Croton quickly established itself as one of the top watchmakers in the country. Though they never did become a worldwide brand, their company was known and respected by watchmakers the world over.
Croton muddled on in the wake of the quartz revolution of the 1970s. These electronic watches from Switzerland and Japan nearly put an end to a three-hundred-year-old trade. It seemed the times were changing and that horology was a thing of the past. But some old-world watchmakers refused to throw in the towel. Croton survived as a regional brand in Italy until 1991, when they were offered a unique opportunity.
Watchmakers are a stubborn lot. They hew to old traditions and believe that what they do is not only a trade, but an art. No machine can take the place of a trained artisan and no tool can reproduce the work of a true master. It is as simple as that. Fortunately, the public agreed, which is why companies like Croton survived as niche player in a shrinking marketplace. That was until Nationwide Time offered them a deal they could not refuse.
The two companies had next to nothing in common. Nationwide Time was an American watch manufacturer with only thirty years of experience, while Croton had been around for over a century. But the company was in desperate straits and the deal worked out for both parties.
Croton gave Nationwide Time what it had always lacked: experience and legitimacy, and Nationwide Time gave Croton what it had never had: a first-rate distribution network. Before long, Croton became an international brand that eclipsed the million sales mark for the first time in its illustrious history. The following is a brief list with descriptions of a few of their most popular new models.
Two-Tone Automatic Dive Watch
The most recent incarnation of the company does an admirable job of incorporating both old and new technologies and designs in their timepieces. Automatic watches have been around for well over two centuries. They are also known as self-winding watches, since they do not rely on batteries or winding to power them. Rather, they are powered automatically when you move your arm.
What happens when you sleep? Automatic watches from Croton are so well designed that they will run for nearly a day without movement. So, if you leave your automatic watch in a drawer, it will switch to battery power after twenty-four hours. The appeal of automatic timepieces is that they are made by masters to last. Unlike disposable quartz (digital) watches, an automatic watch can last for decades, even though it has hundreds of moving parts.
The two-tone automatic dive watch from Croton is a handsome, durable watch that will impress in the office and on the water. The stainless steel dial and mineral crystal cover protect the timepiece in up to 660 feet of water. The bold black dial with gold Arabic numerals and white hour indices are nothing short of striking. There's even a calendar window beside the three o'clock hour marker.
Stainless Steel Quartz Watch
Quartz movement has been king since the 1970s. If we were a little hard on this electronic technology a little earlier, perhaps we got carried away. Whenever a new technology replaces or nearly replaces an old one, it is natural to observe it with a jaundiced eye. Quartz has its fair share of strengths and weaknesses. The good news is that these watches are accurate, reliable, and cheap, especially when they are made with quality materials.
The stainless steel Quartz Watch from Croton is one of their most popular models. It features a stainless steel round case with a distinctive orange bezel that stands out in a crowd. The black dial displays luminous white indices at every hour, with the exception of the 3 o'clock marker, where a handsome date window is positioned. The hour and minute hands are silver-toned, as is the stainless steel bracelet that fastens securely with a fold-over clasp.

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Probiotics Don't Keep Bad Bugs at Bay in Critically Ill: Study

Title: Probiotics Don't Keep Bad Bugs at Bay in Critically Ill: Study
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More Treatment Programs for Drugs

It is common problem that whenever an individual is addicted to a drug then the individual does not realizes that he or she is addicted to drugs. Drug addiction is the most dangerous situation, as the addiction happens in no time, wherein drug addicts are unable to quit drugs even if they are determined. Only the early realization and much-needed assistance is the beginning to remove drug addiction.
In drug addiction, you may take help from your family doctor or may find help for your drug addiction on the Internet or local phone book or in yellow pages. In addition, you may take help from various drug rehab programs. There are many types of drug rehab programs such as inpatient or residential rehab programs, alternative rehab and outpatient rehab programs.
Generally, a typical drug rehab program consists of various types of counseling and therapies such as:
Personal Therapy, wherein the drug addict will be promoted for planning their goals and he or she will be tested to find their mental disorders
Group Therapy, to promote mental growth at the society level
Family and Marital therapy, to solve family and marital conflicts
In addition, the drug addict also receives lectures to regain practical skills such as keeping good health by consuming proper nutrition. The drug rehab program mainly depends on the condition of the drug addict to include other services or not.
Residential Drug Rehab Programs: The most successful form of treating drug addiction program is residential drug rehab program that helps in treating drug addiction. This drug rehab program is successful because of number of reasons such as isolation from the stress of outside world and other treatment types. This drug rehab treatment programs may continue up to weeks or months. In addition, few types of residential programs may last for few years.
These programs offer few financial help that includes discounts in the fees of treatment or free treatment of patients. In the present, the residential drug rehab programs may offer you with special medical care, as medical care may be important during the period of detoxification, when the patient's body overcomes the dependence on drugs.
Alternative Drug Rehab Programs: Many types of alternative drug rehab programs are present that emphasizes extreme care. These programs mainly focus on balancing the spirit, body and mind and use all the resources available for recovery. These programs use yoga, acupuncture and other medical services in their recovery methods.
It may be difficult to decide the type of drug rehab treatment method, in this case, you may ask for assistance. Generally, your family or your personal doctor will provide help in deciding the best program that suits your situation and needs.
Outpatient Drug Rehab Programs: These types of program are proved successful for drug addicts suffering from short-term and moderate addictions. These treatment programs are similar to residential drug rehab programs, as it offers similar services such as medical care, regular therapy and other services to regain socializing abilities.
Overview: The abovementioned are the common drug rehab programs for your drug addictions. In addition, you may find many other programs at different centers for your drug addiction.


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How to Gently Detox an Animal

In today's world, we are bombarded by toxicity.   Toxins from foods, water, medications, chemicals used to "protect" us from weeds, bugs and parasites.  And no one is hit with more toxins than our animals.  While the FDA prevents food manufacturers from adding  the worst of the culprits to our food supply there is very little oversight about the chemicals and preservatives in our animal's food supply.
We attempt to "poison our way to health" by over-vaccinating, worming, and sterilizing our animals.  In order to have a long shelf-life, commercial pet foods add well-known carcinogens such as BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin.  These approaches leave a chemical residue that can take decades for the body to eliminate.  They build up in the organs of elimination, making ever more difficult for the liver, kidneys, lungs and lymph system to effectively do their jobs.  When these cleansing organs get overwhelmed, toxins back up into the body - just like what happens when you flush the toilet but the septic system is backed-up.  The body cannot properly assimilate the nutrients needed for optimal health when the intestinal tract becomes coated with indigestible tar from rendered and overcooked fats.
This backup results in many of the diseases that affect our animals:  allergies; cancer; metabolic dysfunction; etc.   The first place to start, before the toilet backs up, is to clean out the septic system - detoxifying the organs of elimination and the intestinal tract.
The title of this article includes the word "gentle".  Why gentle detoxification?  Because to clean out too quickly can cause harsh and sometimes critical side effects.  Headaches, body aches, diarrhea and itching are common.  Occasionally, rapid cleansing can offer life-threatening difficulties.   In fact, the sicker the animal is when we start, the slower the detoxification should to proceed.
So where do we start?  First: by slowing, if not stopping, the flow of toxins into the body.  Educate yourself about what goes into pet foods and, if necessary, move up to a raw diet or foods made with human-grade ingredients. Look for labels that put in writing that there are no chemical preservatives.   Give distilled or well-filtered water instead of municipal water.   If your animal is unhealthy, do not vaccinate (it even says on the vaccine label never to vaccinate a sick animal).  Discontinue toxic flea and tick remedies or heartworm medications.  Check your animal's environment for obvious problems such as rat or ant bait, bleach in water buckets or chemical fly sprays.  Reducing the level of toxins going into the body can go a long way to helping it to heal itself.

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Different Between Natural Testosterone and HgH

Testosterone and human growth hormone, or HGH, are two hormones that play key roles in growth, aging and overall health. Both of these hormones are commonly manipulated by athletes and aging adults in order to enhance their sports performance, improve their body composition and bring back their youthful vitality. While natural testosterone and HGH supplements are widely available, most people simply do not understand how these hormones work in comparison to one another, which makes it difficult to use them effectively. In order to make the most of your natural hormones, you must understand how these hormones work synergistically.

Natural Testosterone and HGH

HGH is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that has wide-reaching effects on the body. Once HGH is released into the bloodstream, the hormone travels to the liver and stimulates the production of insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1, and other important growth factors. IGF-1 is an anabolic hormone that directly impacts cell growth, regeneration and DNA synthesis.

Once released into the bloodstream, HGH also stimulates the testes into producing more testosterone. Testosterone is another highly anabolic hormone that has a direct impact on protein synthesis, muscle mass, metabolic function and sexual health. While HGH is known to boost testosterone levels, studies have also found that increased testosterone production will boost HGH. It appears that these hormones work synergistically and both have positive effects on one another.

Is It Safe to Combine Natural Testosterone and HGH?

People who want to enhance their athletic abilities, build muscle and slow the aging process have several options when it comes to supplementation. The problem that many people run into is choosing whether to use a natural testosterone booster or HGH secretagogue. Many people also wonder if it is safe to use both.

When choosing between HGH and natural testosterone boosters, many people end up choosing to increase their HGH. There are several reasons for this. The first is that the effects of HGH are farther reaching than those of testosterone. Not only does HGH stimulate testosterone production; it also regulates the release of various growth factors which directly impact cellular growth, development and regeneration.

Many people also choose HGH over testosterone due to certain ill effects associated with testosterone supplementation. Drastically increasing testosterone levels will increase the risk of prostate cancer, acne and gynecomastia, a condition that causes the development of male breasts. So while testosterone is a beneficial hormone, overinflating testosterone levels can produce unwanted side effects.

Athletes who want serious results sometimes also combine testosterone and HGH secretagogues. Increasing the production of both hormones can produce huge muscle gains, trigger fat loss and significantly increase strength, endurance and performance. However, this is typically something that should be performed by healthy adults who have approval from their doctor. HGH and testosterone are powerful hormones, and while natural supplements are safe to use, they should be used responsibly.